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Tender Cashew Gravy/ Olya Kajuchi Usal

Tender Cashew/Olya kajuchi Usal

Tender Cashew or Olya Kajuc are available during the early summers ( around March-April ). It is around this span that we make this amazing “Usal” a type of preparation dry gravy with these beauties.

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Ghavan ( The Maharastrian Crepe/Dosa )

Ghavan is what I call as the Maharashtrian crepe. It is a traditional breakfast recipe widely made in the Kokan region of Maharashtra made with Ukada tandul ( a kind of brown parboiled rice ).

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Dragon Stalk Yam (Shevala/Shevla)

With the first few showers of rains, you get a variety of interesting leafy vegetables which are available just for a short time. One such vegetable is Dragon Stalk Yam which is mainly available just before the monsoons begin. Though you do get it during the rains too though the ones you get just before …