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How to make Delicious, and healthy Guacamole in minutes?


If you are wondering, what is Guacamole? Guacamole is a simple and quick Avocado dip that goes well with pretty much everything like toast, breads and even veggie sticks.

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All about the Dragon Stalk Yam (Shevala/Shevla)

With the first few showers of rain, you get a variety of interesting leafy vegetables which are available just for a short time. One such vegetable is Dragon Stalk Yam which is mainly available just before the monsoons begin. Though you do get it during the rains too though the ones you get just before …

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Healthy and quick Daliya Appe/Appam Recipe

Daliya appam

Daliya also known as broken wheat is a great source of complex carbs, fiber, and various micronutrients. Having said that the fact still remains that not everyone likes the taste or texture of daliya. Hence I decided to try out something different with daliya.