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Nutrition, Fitness and Lifestyle Consultations:
  • One on one personalized consultations.
  • Clinical & Sports Nutrition.
Corporate Wellness :
  • One on One consultations for employees
  • Nutrition & Fitness workshop or seminars
Lectures, Seminars & Workshops
  • For the Community, Housing Societies, Education Institutes etc.
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Niyati Ambre transformation

Client Testimonial

Myself Niyati Ambre My journey for weight loss is not as fascinating as you can imagine. But yaa, let me start with the day I met Aditi. The very first thought was, I whispered to her can I do it and she said you have to do it. That's when I took it seriously. My journey was really awesome. My meals were pretty basic. (Normal ghar ka khanaa). My cheat Days were fixed. I mean whenever I used to meet Aditi I used to have something which my tastebuds like. And see, now I am from 59.9 kgs on March 15 to 46 kgs on August 7. Thank you Aditi Prabhu for bringing my best version out there.

Niyati Ambre

Client Testimonial

Aditi is simply amazing. She is calm, cool and positive. Getting such a counselor these days is blessing. She knows her subject well and her diet suggestions make magic

Brown Chef

Client Testimonial

I had a positive experience consulting her for my weight loss/ weight management I had the desired results as well. She listens to you patiently and provides great inputs. She doesn't force you to go for fancy supplements or tablets but provides the solution with the help of our natural/daily food intake habits. I would recommend her to any person wanting to take consultation for their weight loss/weight management.

Varad Pinge

Client Testimonial

The Personal Touch! Dr. Aditi Prathu's USP towards her patients is that she takes care of them by keeping every minute detail with respect to the lifestyle. She is soft-spoken, Encouraging and she makes sure she is available for their patients if not personally then via Call. I am having issues with my weight and have already started getting results within weeks. My recommendations Dr. Aditi Prabhu to all those people who have lost confidence in themselves due to their weight issues, you will definitely get results trust me

Merlyn Jaychandra
IT Analyst / TCS

Client Testimonial

I found Dr.Aditi Prabhu while doing an online search for a dietician since I was struggling with health issues and weight loss. The fact that she understood Fibromyalgia made me at ease as I just didn't have to explain further as no one can ever understand my pain. Her gentle voice, her smile and patience was just what I needed to feel at ease. On going through my medical reports she customized a diet for me within the course of food I was eating, with multiple options explaining the shortfalls in my diet. I lost a kg in a month and have never felt better.. l would highly recommend her for the best nutritional advice you can get. Thank you Aditi.

Sandra Rose
Home Maker

Client Testimonial

Aditi is very dedicated and is always there for you when you need help. She helped me in exactly the way İ wanted her to help me didn't force any template 'diet' on me but actually helped me break bad habits and inculcate good habits. Thanks Aditi

Tarina Rallan