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Aakur/Ankur: The Monsoon special edible fern


Aakur/Ankur is an edible fern that grows in marshy and mangrove areas. The name itself literally means shoots/sprouts in Konkani and just as the name suggests these are tender shoots of the fern that are consumed. In fact, it is considered to be a delicacy in Goa.

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Takla or Cassia Tora: Availability, Nutrition, and usage.

Takla pronounced as टाकळयाची भाजी is a leafy vegetable that is specifically available during monsoons.

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All about the Dragon Stalk Yam (Shevala/Shevla)

With the first few showers of rain, you get a variety of interesting leafy vegetables which are available just for a short time. One such vegetable is Dragon Stalk Yam which is mainly available just before the monsoons begin. Though you do get it during the rains too though the ones you get just before …