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Water Spinach/Nali Bhaji and its health benefits

water spinach

Unlike its name, Water Spinach does not belong to or is related to the spinach family. Water spinach is a semi-aquatic perennial plant that proliferates in moist/ damp soil mainly around waterbodies/ditches etc and belongs to the Convolvulaceae (Morning Glory) family. It is Native to Asia and thus is easily available in India, Nepal, Sri …

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Ambat Chukka(Green Sorrel)nutrition benefits you need to know


Ambat Chukka is one interesting green. It looks like spinach/palak and tastes like Gongura but it is neither. In fact, it is unique in its own way. It is tangy, sour, and absoluely versatile to use so read all about this interesting ingredient below.

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All about Flaxseed: Its benefits, storage, and usage.

Flaxseed has been consumed for many many years and is one of the oldest crops cultivated. Commonly known as linseeds, flaxseeds are mainly used as oil seeds. But do you know that these tiny brown seeds are a powerhouse of nutrients with many health benefits? In fact, they are even heart-friendly and have been shown …