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Karanda/Air Potato: Nutrition-Medicinal-Culinary Usage


Karanda/ Air Potato or yam is a true yam belongs to the yam family. It grows as a bulbil on a perennial vine and hence is called a vine potato. This plant is native to India.


Navdhari Bhindi / Shravani Bhendi / Local Okra

Navdhari Bhindi / Shravani Bhendi

Navdhari Bhindi also known as the Shravani Bhendi or Gavathi Bhendi in Marathi is a variety of the lady’s finger/okra. It gets it names Navdhari from the 9 distinct segment that it has on its surface.

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Kantola / Spine gourd : Availability, Nutrition and usage

Kantola / spine gourd, the small spiny vegetable can easily pass as a distant relative of the bitter gourd. They look somewhat similar in appearance but there is no similarity in taste.