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All about Kante Kanagi/ Kante kanang/ Nana Kizhangu

kante Kanagi/ Lesser yam

Kante Kanagi / Kante kanang/ Nana Kizhangu belongs to the yam family. It is also known as lesser yam and is grown in the regions of Kerala, Goa, and Kokan (Maharashtra).


Do you know about the season’s special Navdhari Bhindi / Shravani Bhendi?

Navdhari Bhindi / Shravani Bhendi

Navdhari Bhindi also known as the Shravani Bhendi or Gavathi Bhendi in Marathi is a variety of the lady’s finger/okra. It gets it names Navdhari from the 9 distinct segment that it has on its surface.

Ingredients, Vegetables

Kantola / Spine gourd : Availability, Nutrition and usage

Kantola / spine gourd, the small spiny vegetable can easily pass as a distant relative of the bitter gourd. They look somewhat similar in appearance but there is no similarity in taste.