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Main Course Meals

All about the Dragon Stalk Yam (Shevala/Shevla)

With the first few showers of rain, you get a variety of interesting leafy vegetables which are available just for a short time. One such vegetable is Dragon Stalk Yam which is mainly available just before the monsoons begin. Though you do get it during the rains too though the ones you get just before the rains are said to be tastier.

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Malabar Spinach/Mayalu : Availability, Nutrition and Usage.

Malabar Spinach was one of my grandma’s favorite leafy vegetable. Ever since she passed away somehow we never made it even though it is my mother’s favorite too.

Suddenly around 1.5 months back my mother walked in with a Mayalu plant. My joy knew no bounds and I couldn’t resist going down the memory lane and thinking of her. Growing the Mayalu was comparatively easier as compared to growing any other leafy vegetable.

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Subtly tangy Raw Mango Rice

As a kid, every summer we would travel to my hometown for vacations. The good part of going back home was the travel,  meeting the rest of the family, working on the farms/ land, and the food but looking after the mango trees, waiting for the mangoes to fall, or climbing up on the mango tree to pluck raw mangoes when we thought no one was looking was the best part. The mere thought of the tangy raw mangoes with a dash of salt and chili powder makes me drool.

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