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Kantola / Spine gourd : Availability, Nutrition and usage

Kantola / spine gourd, the small spiny vegetable can easily pass as a distant relative of the bitter gourd. They look somewhat similar in appearance but there is no similarity in taste.

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Phodshi – A lesser known Monsoon vegetable

As I was doing my grocery shopping yesterday, I saw a lady selling something that looked like grass along with other vegetables. I got curious and walked up to her to inquire about it. She mentioned that it’s called as Phodshi and is only available during the rains. She also said that it is called …

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Malabar Spinach/Mayalu : Availability, Nutrition and Usage.

Malabar Spinach was one of my grandma’s favorite leafy vegetable. Ever since she passed away somehow we never made it even though it is my mother’s favorite too. Suddenly around 1.5 months back my mother walked in with a Mayalu plant. My joy knew no bounds and I couldn’t resist going down the memory lane …

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Vegetable salad with Soft Boiled Egg

Vegetable salads can be quite boring. The only we can make these vegetable salads interesting is with the right mix of ingredients which have different colors, textures, and tastes. They can become even more tempting when some of the ingredients are homegrown.