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All about the delicious tuber- Kante Kanagi

Kante Kanagi / Kante kanang/ Nana Kizhangu belongs to the yam family. It is also known as lesser yam and is grown in the regions of Kerala, Goa, and Kokan (Maharashtra).

Scientific name:

Dioscorea esculenta

Kante Kanagi/ Kante kanang/ Nana Kizhangu

Kante Kanagi/ Kante kanang/ Nana Kizhangu

Other names:

Kanagi, Kwan, Kanang, Bud/Badi kanang, Cheru Kizhangu.


It is long like a sweet potato. Size varies from 2-6inches. The skin is thick with roots.


Kanagi has a distinct taste of its own. One has to develop a taste for it.


 Only a few specific vendors sell it in Mumbai Markets.

Kante Kanagi Usage:
  • Wash the Kante Kanang thoroughly.
  • Put it into the pressure cooker and cook it or peel it and pressure cook it with salt.
Other Culinary Uses:
  • Bhajiya
  • Gravy/ dry vegetable
  • Pattice/cutlets
  • Desserts-kheer

It is mainly used during fasting instead of or with potatoes.

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