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Karanda/Air Potato: Nutrition-Medicinal-Culinary Usage


Karanda/ Air Potato or yam is a true yam belongs to the yam family. It grows as a bulbil on a perennial vine and hence is called a vine potato. This plant is native to India.

Saraswat Cuisine

Tender Cashew Gravy/ Olya Kajuchi Usal

Tender Cashew/Olya kajuchi Usal

Tender Cashew or Olya Kajuc are available during the early summers ( around March-April ). It is around this span that we make this amazing “Usal” a type of preparation dry gravy with these beauties.

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Ghavan ( The Maharastrian Crepe/Dosa )

Ghavan is what I call as the Maharashtrian crepe. It is a traditional breakfast recipe widely made in the Kokan region of Maharashtra made with Ukada tandul ( a kind of brown parboiled rice ).