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Mental Health Care: Why & How?

Mental Health care

We often hear about physical health and zillion tips on how to improve it. But, ever wondered what mental health is and why it is important? Mental health is the emotional, psychological and social well–being. Good mental health is a state of mind wherein an individual realizes his / her potential, cope with stress, work …


Delicious Ragi Fruit Pancake Roll recipe

Ragi Fruit Pancake Roll by Chef Gaurav Bansal

Ragi/Nachni is also known as finger millet is grown widely in India. It has been an integral part of Indian cuisine. Some of the famous dishes using Ragi include Ragi mudde, Nachni Bhakri, Shirvale, etc. Nutritionally speaking, it is a good source of carbohydrates, calcium, potassium, and other nutrients.