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Aakur/Ankur: The Monsoon special edible fern

Aakur/Ankur is an edible fern that grows in marshy and mangrove areas. In fact, it is considered to be a delicacy in Goa.

Aakur/ Ankur

Scientific Name:

Acrostichum Aureum

Common Names:

Akur, Aakur, Aankur


Aakur literally means shoots/sprouts. Just as the name suggests these are tender shoots of the fern that are edible. They are long, and slender, and look quite similar to asparagus. In fact, it is like the “desi asparagus”.


Ankur is a local vegetable that is seasonal and is mainly available during monsoons like moras, takla etc. It has to be prepared and consumed fresh just like any leafy green and hence is available for a short period of time.

Collecting this edible fern is an art since the person needs to go to marshy areas and select just the right sort of ferns. With more and more land undergoing construction and urbanization, the availability and demand for this seasonal produce are reducing.

Nutritional Content:

Some article suggests this vegetable is a rich source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It relieves constipation and gastric issues but there is not much research/studies available to support these claims (My study of the nutritional profile still continues)


  • Stir Fried veggies
  • Gravies like tonak
  • Butter garlic aakur

Do try out aakur and let me know if you know of any interesting recipes of the same.




  1. Hi v good information about the taikilo my family is v fond recipes. I have ordered for seeds that I can sow them in garden

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