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The flavorful Green Garlic and its nutritional benefits

Green Garlic

Green Garlic is a young garlic plant that looks beautiful. The foliage is flat, with a single garlic clove at the base, and has lush long roots. Every inch of the plant is edible.

Edible Flowers

Pumpkin Flower – A seasonal delicacy

Pumpkin Flowers

The pumpkin flower is one of the edible flowers that are a part of many Indian cuisines. The pumpkin flowers are bright yellow to orange blooms. They are fragile and beautiful. The flowers taste absolutely delicious. Since we grew pumpkins this year, we had plenty of these beauties. We used some of the pumpkin flowers …


Do you know about the season’s special Navdhari Bhindi / Shravani Bhendi?

Navdhari bhindi

Navdhari Bhindi also known as the Shravani Bhendi or Gavathi Bhendi in Marathi is a variety of the lady’s finger/okra.

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All about the Breadfruit / Nirphanas and its benefits


“Breadfruit. It is breadfruit !!”, was my reaction. Around a month back, an old childhood friend messaged me stating that there was a plant growing in her backyard and she wanted me to see it. Time flew by and I forgot about it. Suddenly one afternoon last week she again messaged me stating about it …


Lime Kassia or Orange lime and its uses

Orange lime

Lime Kassia or Orange Lime, I still remember the first time I saw it. They were such gorgeous green beauties that I bought almost a dozen of them. But little did I know that I was in for a surprise cause when I cut them they looked like oranges. Over the years, now its a …