All about the Breadfruit / Nirphanas: Origin, history, and usage.

“There’s nothing daft about breadfruit.”

– Mutiny on the Bounty ( 1962)

“Breadfruit. It is breadfruit !!”, was my reaction.

Around a month back, an old childhood friend messaged stating that there is a plant growing in her backyard and she wanted me to see it. Time flew by and I absolutely forgot about it. Suddenly one afternoon last week she again messaged me stating about it so I went to meet her.

The moment I saw it I couldn’t resist smiling. It was Breadfruit.

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Palmyra Sprouts and all about it.

When it comes to vegetables and fruits, I love buying them fresh from the local farmers. Most of them know that apart from buying the usual I also love exploring and trying out new/local vegetables and fruits. So one of the ladies who is also a local farmer got me a strange yellow-looking food- The Palmyra Sprout and asked me to peel it before I eat. She mentioned it came from the same plant from which Tadgola / ice apples are obtained. On further probing and a little bit of research,  here is what I found about this gorgeous beauty.

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