Pumpkin flower is one of the edible flowers that are a part of many Indian cuisines. The pumpkin flowers are bright yellow to orange blooms. They are fragile and beautiful. The flowers taste absolutely delicious.

Since we grew pumpkin this year, we had plenty of these beauties. We used some of the pumpkin flowers while the pumpkins grew up to 3-6kgs in size. Some are still growing further.

About Pumpkin Flowers:

During the blooming phase, the male pumpkin flowers bloom first and then the female flowers. The male flowers are consumed as a delicacy while the female flowers grow into gorgeous pumpkins. Differentiation of the same is based on the structure of the flowers.

Pumpkin Flowers

Pumpkin Flowers


The pumpkin flowers are available in the market only for a short period of time and with selected vendors.

Purchase and storage:

Pumpkin flower should be purchased fresh.

Pumpkin flowers are to be stored in airtight containers or zip lock bags for a few days.

Cleaning and Usage:
  • The Pumpkin flowers come in bunches. Open the bunch carefully.
  • Remove the stalk/stem of the pumpkin flower. (Either completely from the tip of the flower or a slight portion of it is left.)
  • Then remove the calyx and center of the flower.
  • Wash the flowers under running water (just before use) and then pat dry with a muslin.
Nutrition Facts:

Pumpkin flowers are a source of vitamin A, C, folate, magnesium, selenium, etc.

Culinary Use of Pumpkin Flowers:
  • Pumpkin flower fritters ( Bhajiya style)
  • Phulo Bhajja ( Oriya and Bengali Cuisine)
  • Mathapoo Thoran-(Pumpkin flower stir-fry, Kerala cuisine)
  • Salads

One of the pumpkins that grew this year

Do try it out and let me know your experience. Also, read about other lesser-known ingredients like Phodshi, Palmyra Sprouts, and Kantola.



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