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Gluten Free easy to make Millet Pizza

Most people these days love pizza but the pizza that we get is usually more of bread and less of filling/toppings.  To top it if you are gluten intolerant consumption of pizza goes totally out of the picture and that’s exactly when the Gluten free pizza comes to the rescue.

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Jowar Upma – A twist to the traditional

Jowar Upma

Jowar / jawar/sorghum is a gluten-free millet. Jowar is high in fiber, has a good amount of protein and vital nutrients like Vitamin B’s, magnesium, zinc, copper etc.

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Quinoa : Nutrition, purchase and usage.

Quinoa also pronounced as “Keen-wah” is an old plant and hence also commonly known as an “ancient grain”. It is a seed and not a grain/cereal but it can be used as a cereal hence it is known as a pseudocereal or pseudo-grain.

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Rice Flakes/ Poha: Types, availability, and recipe.

Ask a Maharashtrian what’s for breakfast and you will usually get to hear its-Pohe ( Pohe is a traditional breakfast recipe made with poha/Flattened rice).

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Thalipeeth: Gluten Free Pearl Millet Flat Bread

Thalipeeth is a savoury flatbread made from a special combination of flours called Bhajani. It’s traditionally made in the regions of Maharashtra. It is consumed as a snack as well as at meals. I have slightly twitched the recipe to make it only millet based so its gluten-free.