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Hurda Or Tender Sorghum: A gluten Free Winter Delicacy?


Hurda parties are quite popular in Maharashtra during winter around late December and January.

These parties are conducted by the farmers on their farms. They welcome guests to experience the joy of nature. They serve freshly harvested grains that are roasted and served with beverages like buttermilk or sugar cane juice.

So what is Hurda?

They are tiny light green pearl-like tender joowar/ sorghum grains that are soft and have a distinct taste.

Scientific name:

Sorghum-bicolor (L.) Moench


Other names:

Ponkh ( Hindi ), Tender Jowar ( English)

Nutritional Content of Hurda:

Tender Sorghum is rich in energy, fibre, B complex vitamins and is gluten-free.


Easily available on the farms as well as in local markets in both Maharashtra and Gujarat from November to February. Peak season is from December to mid-January.

How to purchase?

While purchasing tender sorghum, the grains should be soft yet firm. They should be light green with minimal dust or dirt.

Pro tip: Taste a few grains before purchasing and look for all the above and subtle sweetness in terms of taste.

Culinary Use:
Hurda Bhel
Ponkh Bhel
  • Freshly Roasted
  • Salad
  • Ponkh Bhel
  • Hurda with sev and garlic chutney
Hurda/ Ponkh Salad Recipe


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