Khirni / Rayan-The refreshing summer berry

Personally, I share a very love-hate relationship with Summer. It too hot and humid but then you also get all these amazing varieties of colorful fruits and vegetables.

Out of all those colorful fruits, today I am writing about a very interesting golden yellow wild berry called as Khirni or Rayan. Khirni is a small fruit about 1-1.5 cms long with a thin peel, little flesh and a seed in the center. It is sweet, slightly sour at times. It is said that it even acts as an appetizer and aphrodisiac.

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Java apples / Rose apples ( Summer Fruit )

With the onset of summers, more and more summer fruits have started coming in the market may it be the watermelons, wild berries, ice apples/ tadgolas or the beautiful love apples. Even though some of these fruits have been around for long there are still people who are not aware of these delicious fruits. So here I am sharing with you one such summer fruit-java apple.

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