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Moras Bhaji: Monsoon special salty succulent

Moras Bhaji is a beautiful salty succulent that grows in damp regions like mangroves, dunes, beaches, etc which is mostly available during early monsoons.

About Moras Bhaji:

Botanical Name: Suaede Maritima

Comman Names : Indian Salt wort ( English), Lano/Luno/Morad ( Gujarathi), Moras ( Marathi), Nirumari (Tamil), Ila Kura ( Telegu), Nunkha ( Haryana)


Moras grows around seashores, marshy lands, salt marshes etc. It is basically a halophyte which is mainly available from July to September.


The leaves are lush green, thick, fleshy with a smooth surface very similar to many succulents. If you taste the leaves you will find them to be hydrating and slightly salty. The flowers are tiny ad mainly grow in the top most tip. The stems are fleshy and something have a hint of red-pink color.




If you see the leaves of the Moras bhaji, they are somewhat shiny and almost appear like they are wax coated like most of the succulent which makes it super easy to clean.

Wash it clean under running water and you are good to go.

Culinary Uses:
  • Salad
  • Dry vegetable
  • Theplas/Parathas
  • Cutlets/ Pattice/Falafels

Moras wada



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