Moras Bhaji is a beautiful salty succulent that grows in damp regions like mangroves, dunes, beaches, etc which is mostly available during early monsoons.


Moras Bhaji

About Moras Bhaji: (Appearance and availability)

It is a perennial creeper with small thick flat leaves. The size of the leaves goes up to 1 1/2 to 2 inches in length.

Due to a lack of awareness and demand for the same, people barely buy this salty succulent. In fact, I  was pretty much surprised myself when the vendor sold it to me for barely 10 rupees a Vata ( portion) and on mentioning to her that I wasn’t aware of how to prepare it. She gave 3 portions for 25 Rs.

I was then asked to consume the leave and understand the taste. After which she shared her recipe ad even the neighboring vendors pitched in to give their recipes. It felt like I hit a jackpot.


If you see the leaves of the Moras bhaji, they are somewhat shiny and almost appear like they are wax coated like most of the succulent.

Wash it clean under running water and use only the leaves.

Culinary Uses:


  • Salad
  • Dry vegetable
  • Theplas/Parathas
  • Cutlets/ Pattice/Falafels


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