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Longan and its health-nutritional benefits


Longans are also known as the ” Dragon eye fruits” or Euphoria are delicious sweet tiny fruits.

Scientific Name

Dimocarpus longan



Longans related to the lychee family. Hence is quite similar to our lychee in terms of looks, and texture. The only differences are that longans have a smoother thinner yellowish-brown peel, unlike lychees which have pink, grainy, tougher skin. Secondly the difference in the taste and flavor profile.

To describe the fruit, it has a thin yellow-brown peel, its flesh is white translucent, and at the center, there is a blackish-brown seed (this appearance gives it the name dragon eye ).

The Peel and seed have to be discarded and only the flesh is consumed.


They taste super sweet, unlike the litchee. In fact, they have their own distinct unusual flavor with a hint of musk.


Longans are an exotic fruit. They are native to South Asia- China, Vietnam, Taiwan, etc. Pretty recently they have become available in the local Mumbai Market. They are easily available at Foodhall, Nature basket, and big basket.

Nutrition and Nutritional Benefits


Nutritionally speaking, they are low on calories but are comparatively high in carbohydrates, and have zero fat. They are a good source of Vit. C, fiber, antioxidants.

They also provide nutrients like vitamin B complexes, potassium, copper, zinc, etc.

Some literature states that longan is great for the skin, immunity, energy boost, etc.

Medicinal Uses

Longans have been used in Chinese medicine for ages (not just the fruit but the seeds too. The seeds are used to extract essential oils and other extracts)

Culinary Use


– jellies

– salads

– desserts

– puddings


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