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Food Wastage and Smart ways to avoid it.

Food wastage/loss happens during various stages of the food supply. Though we may or may not be able to stop food wastage or loss completely, we definitely can play our part and preventing food wastage at the household and individual level.

As per the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United States, One-third of the food produced for consumption is lost or wasted globally which is around 1.3 million tons of food. It also states that HUNGER is one of the biggest challenges in development.

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Cooking simplified for Beginners.

As a teen being a Tomboy, the last thing I wanted to do is enter the kitchen. But having both parents working and me being a curious child, the kitchen became my laboratory. I brewed some disasters there and conducted some successful experiments. I guess that’s where my rendezvous with food began. Over the years I’ve learned cooking from my parents, grandparents, professors, chefs, home chefs, and at times even strangers. I explored cooking further by watching t.v. shows, magazines, cookbooks, at home and while I traveled. Honestly, the learning is never-ending and it only increased my love for food.Read More »Cooking simplified for Beginners.