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Ghavan-The easy to make Maharashtrian gluten-free Dosa

Ghavan is what I call the Maharashtrian crepe. It is a traditional breakfast recipe widely made in the Kokan region of Maharashtra made with Ukada tandul ( a kind of brown parboiled rice ).

Ukada Tandul

Ukada Tandul

One can also make Ghavan using white rice, whole wheat flour, etc but below mentioned it the traditional recipe.


Serves 4 ( approx. 2-3 each)

Soaking time: 4-6hours

Cooking time: 30-45 mins ( for the entire lot )


Ukada tandul- 2 cups, soaked for 4-6 hours

Oil as required

Salt as per taste


coconut-cut into tiny thin cubes*optional

    • If you are using Ukada tandul ( Parboiled unpolished rice) make sure you clean it because it often contains small stones, pieces of husk etc. Wash the rice thoroughly (2-3 times). Soak it in water for 4-6 hours ( overnight, if you intend to make it at breakfast). Make you the water you use for soaking is just enough ( Not too much or too little. Approx 1-2 inches above the rice)
    • Grind the rice into a paste. But make sure the paste is not too thin or too thick. It has to slightly thinner as compared to regular dosa batter.
    • Take the Ghavan tawa which is a heavy iron tawa. Make sure it’s oiled and kept the previous night. Heat the tawa. Pour in some oil. then pour in the batter.  ( My ghavan tawa slopes down to the center slightly so I pour the batter on the sides and it flows down to the center.)
      Cast iron pan

      Cast Iron pan

      If you don’t have the Ghavan tawa, use a nonstick pan. It works just fine.

  • Let the batter cook. When one side is done flip it over. ( When one side is done, the sides of the ghavan come up. So you can easily use a spatula and flip it over. Using the ghavan pan requires a lot of practice but gives the authentic flavor.) 
  • Once done serve it hot with chutney. Though in the village we usually team it up with some usal( sprouts gravy) or some bhaji and chutney.

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