Shop Smart to save some money

Shop smart

Shop smart it saves a lot of time, efforts, and most important is money. We all are looking to save money and what better way than saving some through grocery shopping.

Grocery Shopping ( Image for reference only)

Does this happen with you-

You have to buy one thing but land up buying a lot more?

You usually exceed your grocery shopping limit?

Do you pick up things because they are on sale and rarely land up using them or there is a lot of wastage?



In that case here are 5 tips to shop smart:
  • Never go grocery shopping on a hungry stomach: When you go grocery shopping on an empty stomach, you often land up buying more and most often unnecessary stuff. So the next time you go grocery shopping make sure you eat and go.
  • Make a Grocery ListWhether you are going alone or with your kids makes sure you have a crisp list of what you want to buy. A list helps you maintain focus and avoid unnecessary expenditure. If there are kids involved, hand over the list to them and involve them in completing the list whilst teaching them how to check for freshness, reading food labels etc.
  • Ask yourself 3 questions “Do I really need this? If yes, How much/how often? Will it fit in my budget?”:

Like everyone else, you will land up seeing some interesting products while grocery shopping and you will be tempted to buy. It is natural. What you do about it is important. Take the product and ask yourself the above 3 questions. If you get convincing answers and think it is worth it.

         Go ahead.

(Ideally, I make a grocery list and leave a small amount for buying new products/ ingredients.)

  • Shop at a familiar place: You have to buy just one ingredient or you know you tend to buy more than what is required, go to a familiar shop where you know where the things are kept exactly. That way you can just go pick up that and move out. Don’t forget to pay.
  • Understand how big supermarkets work (the tricks which they use to increase sales):

Here are some things that you will notice-

  • If you enter into a big supermarket you will realize how things beautifully arranged in a flow. You have to walk through different zones to reach your target products.
  • The daily uses products are placed right at the end.
  • The packed products which are red, tend to move faster so they are often placed at eye distance.
  • The products that are not so great in sales place either on the top shelf or right at the base.
  • The chocolates, candies, etc are kept at hand distance (keeping in mind the kids) and are often placed near the billing counter where you land up waiting, the most.

There are many such things that used in arranging a super market. Identify these trends and tricks. Don’t let them influence your buying.

Happy shopping but don’t forget these tips to shop smart. Also, make sure you read the smart tips to prevent food wastage.


Author: Aditi Prabhu


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