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Mental Health Care: Why & How?

Mental Health care

We often hear about physical health and zillion tips on how to improve it. But, ever wondered what mental health is and why it is important? Mental health is the emotional, psychological and social well – being. Good mental health is a state of mind wherein an individual realizes his / her potential, cope with stress, work productively and contribute to the community. In a fast-paced life, it is easy to get overwhelmed by stress, however, stress won’t resolve any problem but may make it worse. Hence, mental health becomes very important.

So, what can you do to make your mind fitter? Here are some easy and basic tips that you can follow:

  •  Indulge In What Makes You Happy

Mental Health care by pixabayLove art? Grab those colors and drawing book to get going! Love playing cricket? Love trekking? Just get going! Schedule some time out from your routine to do what makes you happy as long as it doesn’t have any negative impact on your overall health. Indulging in what makes you happy will not only make you feel good but also boost productivity at work.

  • Journaling

Mental Health care by pixabay

As simple as writing can also help in feeling a lot better. A gratitude journal is a diary wherein one writes about all the things he/she are thankful about. This helps in creating positive emotions. One can also write about negative events which might be too overwhelming to talk about. This will help in releasing negative emotions and relax the individual.

  • Spending Time with Positive People

How does it feel when you hear something positive as against negative about yourself or life in general? Same goes for spending time with those who are positive. Even if you are unable to meet them, a phone call with such people can also make you feel better! And, if you are having a difficult time coping with situations or things, it will help you to gain a positive perspective to deal with them.

  • Exercise

Exercise is a powerful tool to release stress – relieving and mood-boosting endorphins. It helps in combating stress, anxiety, and depression. Small changes in your daily routine such as taking stairs, walking to the grocery store instead of going by vehicle and moving more instead of sitting for long hours can also help to a certain extent. Try to inculcate the habit of exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes in whichever form you would enjoy – be it aerobics, strength training or yoga!

  • Getting a good night’s sleep

Sleep deprivation can result in negative moods and impact our overall productivity. If you are experiencing difficulties in sleeping, you can make slight changes in your lifestyle such as following your sleep cycle i.e. sleeping at a fixed time and waking up at a fixed time until the body gets used to the schedule, avoiding alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs, curbing caffeine intake, relaxing body and mind, not to engage in mental activities such as working or by curbing phone usage before going to bed etc.

  • Self – talk

A good self – talk is a healthy food to a fitter mind and soul. If we talk constantly negatively about ourselves and others to self, it negatively impacts how we perceive the world and ourselves. It hampers our actions, relationships, day to day living, achievements etc. When we talk positively using affirmations to ourselves, it boosts our self – esteem, confidence, good mood and strength to combat stress. Train your mind to speak positively about yourself such as ‘I am confident.’, ‘I love myself.’, ‘I am a winner and I will achieve success.’ etc.

  • Take a Break

When everything starts to feel very stressful and hectic, take a break! Do anything that eases your mind and body. Taking a break does not always have to be expensive nor some event that has to be planned out beforehand. Definitely, going out on a trip feels like an amazing break. However, when you do not have much time in hand and experiencing burnout, take a small break to relax anything like meditation, doodling, going out for a stroll, etc. Once done, get back and start over.



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