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Quick Curd Oats Recipe

I somehow have always loved Curd Rice. There is something about that dish that brings intense satisfaction and a homely feeling. It is a simple dish made with rice, curds, and seasoning. Having said that, it is not something I indulge in on a regular basis and that is one thing that makes it more special. …

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Healthy and Wholesome Quinoa Upma Recipe

Quinoa ( pronounced as Keen-wah) is a superfood because of its nutritional profile. Commercially, it is mainly classified as black, red, and white/ivory quinoa with each having its distinct color, flavor, and taste.

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Poha/Rice Flakes: Types, availability, and recipe.

red poha

Ask a Maharashtrian what’s for breakfast and you will usually get to hear its-Pohe ( Pohe is a traditional breakfast recipe made with poha/Flattened rice).

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A quick and simple Foxtail(Millet)Upma recipe

 Foxtail millets have been used from ancient times in India but I hadn’t heard of it until a while back. A couple of months back while discussing food and food ingredients the topic had suddenly turned to millets. But the one millet that caught my attention was the foxtail millet. Yes, it was the name …