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Tamasha, Lower Parel ( Mumbai)

Tamasha, located in Kamala Mills ( Lower Parel) is a beautiful place with great decor and some good food.



A quiet afternoon took me to this place with friends. Let me share with you all the foods and drinks we tried there.

Cocktails at Tamasha:
Bubbling Cosmo

Molecular cocktail

A simple cocktail with a touch of molecular gastronomy and that is exactly why I wanted to try it.

Bubbling cosmo is an absolute must try as per me. It is served in cute glass that does justice to the name. It is easy on the palate, subtle to taste and gives just the right kick.

Tamasha Punch

Tamasha Punch

Don’t go by the looks, looks can be deceptive.

Its an amazing drink with just the perfect balance of fruits that give you a punch in taste. A must try as per me.



Quinoa Kale Salad

Quinoa kale salad

The kind chef twitched the nonveg recipe to make it vegetarian for us. It is a definite must-try. A perfect example of balance in flavors (like sweet, sour, bland, nutty) texture (like soft, crunchy, crisp, pulpy) and colors.


Paneer Veg Sampler

Panner veg sampler

The platter comes with 3 varieties of starters. Each distinct and delicious and different in texture, taste, and looks. The pudina chutney is delectable.




Spinach and mushroom Dimsums– If you love spinach, this is definitely the dish for you. The dimsums had a super thing coat, perfectly cooked and absolutely delicious. Loved the 3 dips served with the dim sums.

Main Course:
East Asian Bowl

The East Asian Bowl

Its a bowl with beautifully made burnt garlic noodles and vegetables like beans, zucchini, peppers etc. It also has a portion of Kimchi, spring rolls and sprouts. Its a complete meal in itself.

Banoffee tart

Banoffee caramel tart

Loved the plating. The tart balances of the sweetness that comes from the banana and caramel. The chocolate is creamy and goes great with the bananas while the crisp sweet banana chips are like the icing on the cake. The kiwi and pomegranate on the side give just the perfect tang factor if you like that.

Personally I loved that. The edible flower on it wasn’t really needed there though


Author: Aditi Prabhu


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