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Mahesh Lunch Home (Juhu)

Mahesh Lunch Home is a well-known restaurant known for its classic Mangalorean cuisine. First established in 1977 by Mr. S.C. Karkera in Fort, Mumbai. It now is present at various other location in Mumbai.

So yesterday we finally landed up visiting one of their centers in Mumbai at Juhu for dinner. My first experience at Mahesh Lunch home turned out to be absolutely amazing and here is why-
Ambiance: 5/5
Table arrangement

They have a spacious sitting arrangement on two levels-ground and first floor. The decor is rustic, simple yet cozy. They have a sitting arrangement for couples, families and even large group.

Service: 5/5
I absolutely loved the service. All I had to do is tell them my preferences and they served me beverages that would exactly fit it. They had answers to all my queries may it be about the dish, the taste or plating. They took feedbacks constructively.
Food: 4.5/5
Pacchadi Refresher
Pacchadi Refresher:
A definite must try.
It’s absolutely refreshing with the perfect balance of curd, cucumber, curry leaves.
Virgin Guava Mary
Virgin Guava Mary:
A fresh guava beverage with chili powder is a must try for anyone who doesn’t want a very sweet mocktail.
Jigar Kulir
•Jigar Kulir:
Simple, refreshing.
Liked the lime-coconut-rose combo but was slightly sweet for my palate.
Baby Love
•Baby love:
It is love at first sight.
A great palate refresher.
Italian Kiss
Italian kiss:
A mocktail that looks shades of a rainbow.
Strong flavors mixed up in a perfect balance.
Squids chili Basil
•Squids chili Basil-
Apart from the fact that the squids were slightly overcooked the base gravy tasted delicious.
Surmai fry
•Surmai Tawa fry-
It’s a treat to the eyes and palate.
Perfectly marinated and cooked.
Prawn Butter Pepper Garlic
Prawn Butter Pepper Garlic
Prepared and plated beautifully.
But on a personal note, it needed a slightly more intense flavor of garlic and a pinch of salt.
Bombay duck fry
•Bombay duck fry-
Simple, crisp, absolutely delicious.
Main course:
Fish Mallipuram
Fish Mallipuram
A rich fish fry gravy made of coconut and nuts.
A definite must try.
Ghee Roast Chicken
Ghee Roast Chicken
Beautifully prepared with a slightly bitter note due to spice preparation.
Clam sukka
Clam sukka
Made with coconut gravy and dash of curry leaves, the clams are cooked to perfection.
A definite must try.
neer dosa
Neer Dosa
One of the best I’ve had in ages. They were soft
Bluecheese cake
Blueberry cheesecake:
Visually very appealing.
The base had a crunch, the cheesecake was smooth on the palate and the blueberry topping balance the sweet and tangy.
Caramel Custard
•Caramel custard-
Looked great and tasted even better
It was Smooth on palate but it would have been better with a little more caramel.
Gulab Jamun
Gulab Jamun
Melt in the mouth but a little too sweet for me.
Tender coconut payasam
•Tender Coconut payasam-
It was the perfect end to an amazing dinner.
  • Order the classic dishes.
  • Make sure you tell your preferences prior.
  • If you are want to cut on the calories ditch the mocktails and cocktails.

Author: Aditi Prabhu


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