Traditional Recipes

Tangy and Spicy Kairi Recipe- A raw mango delicacy.

As a kid when it was summer a long visit to my grandma’s house was a must. She prepared fabulous dishes ( I loved her food so I don’t mind calling myself biased ). One of my favorite dishes during summer was the tangy and spicy Kairi/raw mango gravy.

Traditional Recipes

Shirvale- The Steamed Noodles from Maharashtra


Shirvale is a traditional recipe made in the Kokan villages (Maharastra, India) with Rice / Ragi or  Nachni(finger millet) flour and served with sweetened coconut milk. It is one tedious recipe. Mainly made for special occasions.

Travel and food

Narsobachiwadi, Kolhapur and Kudal Travel Tale

Mumbai ⇒ Narsobachiwadi ⇒ Kolhapur ⇒ Kudal ⇒ Mumbai One of the longest and most amazing recent trips where I could combine 2 of my greatest passions of travel and food. Away from the chaotic Mumbai to the calm-vibrant Kolhapur and then to my soul city of Kudal in Kokan, Maharastra.