About me


I am Aditi, a Nutritionist by passion and profession.

I am one of those few blessed ones who found her passion early on in life. I also got the opportunity to make my passion into my profession. So here is my informal bio for you.

Academically, I have done my graduation in Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics. Following which I did a Masters in Dietetics and Food Service Management and an MBA in Healthcare Management. I also am a Certified Diabetic Educator and Nutrigenomics Counsellor. Some of the other courses that  I’ve done include a certificate course in Food Processing & Preservation, Food Safety training and certification, yoga,  beauty therapy, and medical palmistry.

Professionally speaking, I have been working in the field of food, fitness, and health for around 10 yrs. I have worked with several leading Hospitals, Sports clubs, Fitness centers, and Gym and handled various positions like food consultant, nutrition counselor, visiting consultant, lecturer, and many others.

My dream was also to set up my clinic and currently, that is exactly what I do. I have my clinic in Borivli ( Mumbai) wherein I do one on one consultations and family consultations. When I am not in consultation I am busy conducting workshops, seminars, and tv shows. 

Apart from this, I am a black belt in karate (Shotokan: Tiger style) and a theatre person with some theater shows to my credit.  I am into writing, cooking, trekking, painting, reading, crafting, and gardening.

So that is a little bit about me and my journey.