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Kwality Brown Bread ( Product Review)

Kwality Brown Bread

Kwality Brown Bread is 100% vegetarian bread. It comes in a 400gms pack for 35₹. A 100 gms of this product gives around 284.83 kcal, 56.23 gms carbs, 10.10 gm protein and 0.80 gms fiber per 100gms. Whereas the fat in a 100gms pack is given with classification-total fat-2.17gm, saturated fat-1.14gm, Monounsaturated fat- 0.62gm and polyunsaturated …

Product Reviews

Soulfull Chatpata Muesli-Product Review

Soulfull Chatpata Muesli

The Soulfull Chatpata Muesli is a Ready-To-Eat-Breakfast cereal by Kottaram Agro Foods. It is a baked multigrain product. It comes in a 20gms pack for 10₹. A 100 gms of this product gives around 435 kcal, 72.3 gms carbs ( out of which 8.8 gms is sugar), 10 gm protein and 9.5 gms fiber per 100gms. …