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Hurda: The Gluten free winter delicacy

Hurda parties are quite popular in Maharashtra during winters around late December and January. These parties are conducted by the farmers on their farms wherein they welcome guests to experience the joy of nature, freshly harvested grains are roasted and served along with beverages like buttermilk or sugar cane juice.

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Kwality Brown Bread ( Product Review)

Kwality Brown Bread

Kwality Brown Bread is 100% vegetarian bread. It comes in a 400gms pack for 35₹. A 100 gms of this product gives around 284.83 kcal, 56.23 gms carbs, 10.10 gm protein and 0.80 gms fiber per 100gms. Whereas the fat in a 100gms pack is given with classification-total fat-2.17gm, saturated fat-1.14gm, Monounsaturated fat- 0.62gm and polyunsaturated …